Omelet Tortilla Breakfast Wrap

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Omelet Tortilla Breakfast Wrap

This breakfast wrap combine two of my favorite weekend breakfast entrees – a breakfast burrito and an omelet in one! Use your favorite omelet fixins, the combinations are endless! A couple of other delicious breakfast recipes you may love,早餐玉米卷andLoaded Baked Omelet Muffins.


This omelet tortilla wrap is very filling and has just 315 calories. If you want some omelet recipes without the tortilla, try thisOpen-Faced Omelet with Feta, Roasted Tomatoes and SpinachandGoat Cheese Herb Omelet with Nova Lox. Just be sure to use a good non-stick skillet so you can seamlessly flip the omelet without sticking.

显然,Netflix上有一个节目,根据一些评论制作了一个类似的菜谱娜迪亚该吃饭了. Although I haven’t seen the show, I have seen this concept all over Tiktok so not sure who the original creator is and sorry if I didn’t give proper credit. The idea is not new, I’ve been going to an Indian Street food restaurant for years calledKati Rollwhere they do the same thing only with roti.

What can you put in an omelet?

You can put just about any veggies, meat, or cheese in your omelet wrap. Omelet fillings are incredibly versatile. Here are some variations:

  • 加肉:火鸡、火腿、培根、香肠
  • Vegetables: bell pepper, tomato, onion, mushrooms, broccoli, spinach, zucchini, squash
  • Cheese: cheddar, feta, Parmesan, mozzarella, Monterey jack, goat, Swiss

How to Make an Tortilla Omelet Wrap

  1. Start by cooking your bacon and veggies in a skillet the same size as the tortilla.
  2. Spread in an even layer and pour in the eggs. Swirl the pan to redistribute the eggs in a round omelet shape about the same size as the tortilla.
  3. 在鸡蛋上面放上玉米饼,然后把玉米饼压下去——鸡蛋的未煮熟部分会帮助玉米饼粘在鸡蛋上。
  4. Run a spatula around the outside of the omelet and then quickly flip the omelet. Cook the tortilla side of the omelet wrap for one minute until the tortilla is browned and crisp.
  5. Transfer the omelet to a plate, roll up, and place seam side down. Cut the wrap in half and serve with hot sauce or salsa if you like.

这个煎蛋卷玉米饼早餐包裹需要经典的煎蛋卷,在煎锅中用玉米饼煮熟。然后只需滚动它,您就可以轻松完成早餐. 这个煎蛋卷玉米饼早餐包裹需要经典的煎蛋卷,在煎锅中用玉米饼煮熟。然后只需滚动它,您就可以轻松完成早餐. 这个煎蛋卷玉米饼早餐包裹需要经典的煎蛋卷,在煎锅中用玉米饼煮熟。然后只需滚动它,您就可以轻松完成早餐. 这个煎蛋卷玉米饼早餐包裹需要经典的煎蛋卷,在煎锅中用玉米饼煮熟。然后只需滚动它,您就可以轻松完成早餐.

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Omelet Tortilla Breakfast Wrap

Prep Time: 5mins
烹调时间: 10mins
Total Time: 15mins
产量: 1服务
COURSE: Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch
CUISINE: American


  • 2中切培根
  • 2large eggs,beaten
  • ¼teaspoon犹太盐
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • ½cup切碎白蘑菇
  • 1garlic clove,剁碎的
  • Handful of baby spinach,about 20 leaves, chopped
  • 18或9英寸低碳水化合物全麦玉米饼,(I used La Tortilla Factory)
  • Fresh salsa or hot sauce,供食用(可选)


  • 把培根放在一个冷的不粘锅里,和你的玉米饼一样大。用中火煮大约5分钟,直到变黄变脆。转移到有纸巾衬里的盘子里。冷却后,把培根切成小块。
  • Meanwhile, in small bowl add eggs, salt and pepper, to taste. Mix and set aside.
  • Add mushrooms to skillet with bacon drippings and sauté 1 minute. Add garlic and sauté 30 seconds more.
  • Spread garlic and mushrooms in an even layer then add beaten eggs to the pan. Swirl the pan to create a round omelet shape, similar to the size of your tortilla.
    Spinach and Mushroomo Omelet Wrap-2
  • Top with the spinach and chopped bacon then place the tortilla on top of the omelet and press gently with your hands, using the uncooked part of the egg as a sort-of glue. Allow to set for about 10 seconds.
    How To Make an Omelet Tortilla Breakfast Wrap
  • Run a flat spatula along the outside of the omelet, carefully releasing the edge to prepare for flipping. Quickly flip the omelet and cook, tortilla side down for about 1 minute more, or until tortilla is browned and beginning to crisp.
  • Transfer to a plate and carefully roll up the tortilla. Place seam side down and cut in half. Serve with fresh salsa or hot sauce, if desired.



服务:1wrap , 卡路里:315kcal. , Carbohydrates:23g , Protein:28g , Fat:17g , Saturated Fat:4.5g , 胆固醇:377mg , Sodium:1037mg , Fiber:14.5g , Sugar:2g
蓝色智能点: 4
Green Smart Points: 8
Purple Smart Points: 4
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